Your yacht is a symbol of luxury and success, and it deserves the best materials that you can put in it.

Glass is the Ideal Material for a Yacht

Yacht. The very word conjures up images of beauty, luxury, and comfort. Champagne. Caviar. Unparalleled service. When you take people out for an excursion on your yacht, you want to ensure you’re giving them the absolute best experience possible. That means bringing the high-end lifestyle that they are used to on land out on the open seas.

What makes a yacht feel like a floating palace? Glass may not be the first thing that enters your mind, but it can have a huge impact. Here are some of the glass products and services that we offer our South Florida clients.

Frameless showers. No one wants to feel like they are trapped inside a box while taking a shower, but this is especially true when you are taking a voyage on a luxurious yacht. With our frameless showers, the doors and walls are all but invisible, creating a relaxing, open experience. Your passengers will feel like the bathrooms are twice their actual size.

Custom interior mirrors and glass. Few things make an interior space feel bigger than well-placed mirrors and glass. Let us outfit your yacht with our specialty mirrors, glass partitions, glass shelves, and more. Your passengers will be raving about how large and impressive everything feels.

Laminated glass for interior or exterior. From sea spray and ocean air to storms and the regular rocking of the water, glass products on a yacht have to stand up to far more wear and tear than those on land. Because of this, we offer laminated safety glass for both interior and exterior use. With this kind of glass, your passengers can rest easy. In the event that something causes the glass to shatter, a special interlayer holds it together.

Glass for railings. Sometimes it’s the little touches that make a space feel luxurious. Our specialty glass for railings can provide the sparkle and shine you need to really impress your guests.

Professionally-Installed Luxury Glass Products for South Florida Yachts

Because we are a full-service glass company that handles design, fabrication, installation, and repair, our trusted team can handle any glass need that you have. Plus, when you work with us, you won’t have to worry about managing and coordinating the work of several different vendors – a single point person can guide you through the entire process.

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