What exactly are office partitions?

Design bespoke glass partitions with the Glass Design of Miami team, measuring your office space and designing a location for your employees to work separately and as a team. Wall partitions are a great way to create zones within your office, whether that be separate office locations or a meeting room.

Glass partitions allow you to create these zones while maintaining a transparent working environment and a spacious office. Rather than making the room feel cluttered and claustrophobic, glass partitions open up space and make it feel bigger and brighter, allowing natural light to entre all aspects of the office.

We offer customizable glass office partitions for your office, allowing you to create a stylish conference room without compromising elegance and style. Nowadays, business leaders, doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs and staff are searching for something different yet alluring for the entrance to their glass cubicles and conference rooms to set them apart from the rest. We offer stunning glass cubicles and partitions in a variety of glass type, frame colors and size. Our glass doors can be ordered in a frosted, black, clear, milky glass to promote natural lighting, privacy and a way to put your office a step above the competition.

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Office room dividers come with a host of benefits due to the high-quality and bespoke design of the glass and materials used. When designing your dividers, the MonoFix team will visit your office to design a layout for your partitions and take measurements ready to produce your bespoke dividers.

Your partitions will then be made to measure ready for installation, which will be arranged at a time and date that best fits with you. The MonoFix team will fully manage your project, ensuring that every partition is of high quality and installed to our high level of standards.

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