Laminated Glass, structural elegance

Unforgettable design meets superior structural qualities.

When you are shopping for new laminated glass for a new home project, including doors, windows and indoor uses of the glass, comparing various types of laminated glass is highly recommended to ensure you get the most out of your investment. Knowing the sizes, shapes, and colors available with laminated glass is essential before making an investment or purchase in the glass that is right for you.

Laminated Windows are UV Resistant

Laminated windows provide a strong filter against unwanted solar radiation. UV rays can fade the paint on your walls and the fabric of your furnishings. Fab Glass and Mirror offers laminated glass that resists more than 99% of UV rays. Laminated windows effectively protect the house from the harmful solar radiations. The UV rays emitted by the sun adversely affect the temperature of the house and fade the wall paint & furniture’s fabric. These rays are also harmful to the human body, especially skin. A PVB-layer laminated glass window reflects off the harmful UV rays which an ordinary glass fails to do. Fab Glass & Mirror’s laminated glass can restrict up to 99% of the harmful ultraviolet rays and protects the interior of the house. These glass sheets help to regulate the temperature and the added layer of UV protection helps reduce the overall interior maintenance cost. The window laminate layering adds an incredible UV-resistance is due to a PVB interlayer which also helps hold the glass together on breakage.

Laminated Glass Benefits

Laminated glass is the modern-day alternative to outdated ordinary glass which only provides natural light transmission & aesthetic beauty. Laminated glass differs from tempered glass in many ways. In display cases, front door glass, and even windshields often use laminated glass. With laminated safety glass, there are two layers essentially “sandwiched” together to create a sturdier object that is less likely to break upon impact or when dropping it. The multilayered modernistic glass provides better protection against direct impacts & damaging blows and is often referred to as safety laminated glass. This glass can be designed as per the need for security and even on breakage can restrict penetration. The multiple layers of glass & interlayer glazing also serve as an effective sound barrier which dampens the unwanted noises of the outside. The UV rays protection holds multiple benefits of its own and slows down fading of carpets, curtains, and furnishing. Laminated windows can also be made with multiple colors.

Some great laminated glass designs