What exactly are glass railings?

Glass railings typically utilize tempered glass. The tempering process adds structural rigidity and prevents against cracking and damage. Many modern home builders turn to glass railings for their customizable elegant design potential and low maintenance.

Glass railings are the future of railing systems with their sleek design, low required maintenance, and great customization potential. Staircases, decks, walkways, and pools are all great places to utilize glass railings. Not only are glass railing systems versatile and aesthetic, they are also a practical design solution.

Glass railings are uniquely beautiful architectural features and are suitable for use in a diverse range of applications. We recognize three different categories of glass hand rail based on the different attachment methods and corresponding appearance of the associated components. The three categories of glass hand rail include the following

  • Standoff mounted glass railing
  • Heavy base shoe mounted glass railing
  • Post mounted glass railing

Regardless of the glass railing type, the handrail must be attached to considerably strong substrate structure. Ideally you reach out to us before building the sub-structure so that we have a chance to verify that it will adequately transfer the required forces. If the structure is not adequate to carry the code-prescribed loads, it will need to be modified or enhanced before glass railing can be installed. In addition, when you do reach out to us in the design stage we can help you to design for value.

Some great railing glass designs