March 16, 2021

Pleasure craft yachts mirrors design

Your yacht is a symbol of luxury and success, and it deserves the best materials that you can put in it. Glass is the Ideal Material for a Yacht Yacht. The very word conjures up images of beauty, luxury, and comfort. Champagne. Caviar. Unparalleled service. When you take people out for an excursion on your yacht, you want to ensure you’re giving them the absolute best experience possible. That means bringing the high-end lifestyle that they are used to on land out on the open seas. What makes a yacht feel like a floating palace? Glass may not be the first thing that enters your mind, but it can have a huge impact. Here are some of the glass products and services that we offer our South Florida clients. Frameless showers. No one wants to feel like they are trapped inside a box while taking a shower, but this is especially true when you are taking a voyage on a luxurious yacht. With our frameless showers, the doors and walls are all but invisible, creating a relaxing, open experience. Your passengers will feel like the bathrooms are twice their actual size. Custom interior mirrors and glass. Few things make an interior space feel bigger than well-placed mirrors and glass. Let us outfit your yacht with our specialty mirrors, glass partitions, glass shelves, and more. Your passengers will be raving about how large and impressive everything feels. Laminated glass for interior or exterior. From sea spray and ocean air to storms and the regular rocking of the water, glass products on a yacht have to stand up to far more wear and tear than those on land. Because of this, we offer laminated safety glass for both interior and exterior use. With this kind of glass, your passengers can rest easy. In the event that something causes the glass to shatter, a special interlayer holds it together. Glass for railings. Sometimes it’s the little touches that make a space feel luxurious. Our specialty glass for railings can provide the sparkle and shine you need to really impress your guests. Professionally-Installed Luxury Glass Products for South [...]Read more
March 15, 2021

Laminated Glass

Laminated Glass, structural elegance Unforgettable design meets superior structural qualities. When you are shopping for new laminated glass for a new home project, including doors, windows and indoor uses of the glass, comparing various types of laminated glass is highly recommended to ensure you get the most out of your investment. Knowing the sizes, shapes, and colors available with laminated glass is essential before making an investment or purchase in the glass that is right for you. Laminated Windows are UV Resistant Laminated windows provide a strong filter against unwanted solar radiation. UV rays can fade the paint on your walls and the fabric of your furnishings. Fab Glass and Mirror offers laminated glass that resists more than 99% of UV rays. Laminated windows effectively protect the house from the harmful solar radiations. The UV rays emitted by the sun adversely affect the temperature of the house and fade the wall paint & furniture’s fabric. These rays are also harmful to the human body, especially skin. A PVB-layer laminated glass window reflects off the harmful UV rays which an ordinary glass fails to do. Fab Glass & Mirror’s laminated glass can restrict up to 99% of the harmful ultraviolet rays and protects the interior of the house. These glass sheets help to regulate the temperature and the added layer of UV protection helps reduce the overall interior maintenance cost. The window laminate layering adds an incredible UV-resistance is due to a PVB interlayer which also helps hold the glass together on breakage. Laminated Glass Benefits Laminated glass is the modern-day alternative to outdated ordinary glass which only provides natural light transmission & aesthetic beauty. Laminated glass differs from tempered glass in many ways. In display cases, front door glass, and even windshields often use laminated glass. With laminated safety glass, there are two layers essentially "sandwiched" together to create a sturdier object that is less likely to break upon impact or when dropping it. The multilayered modernistic glass provides better protection against direct impacts & damaging blows and is often referred to as safety laminated glass. This glass can be [...]Read more
March 3, 2021

Frameless Shower Doors

Glass is a stylish, lasting way to update your bathroom. Whether you are looking for a traditional tub enclosure or the modern look of frameless shower doors, We have a solution to fit your tastes. We design, repair and install glass for every room of your home, and our award winning shower doors and tub enclosures are second to none. Upgrading your bathroom is easier than you might think. Our glass specialists can custom design frameless shower doors for even the smallest bathroom, and decorating with glass and mirrors will give the illusion of more space. We understand that one-size does not fit all, and will enlarge or reduce the size of your custom enclosure to match the dimensions of the room. Not only will your bathroom be more exciting to look at, custom glass and mirrors will also increase the property value of your home. Design Your Dream Shower Space Building a better bathroom begins with professional consultation. We will assist you through the entire process from budgeting and design to installation and glass care. We will record all the necessary measurements and dimensions, take note of materials used in the original construction, and identify the layout of studs and load-bearing walls. Once the consultation is complete, we will be able to give you a more accurate estimate of the costs involved and how long the renovations should take. Configuration: Determine if your walls are made of drywall or tile and where your supporting studs are located. This helps determine the maximum weight of glass your bathroom’s walls can support. Shower heads: Choose a shower head that will not spray water out of the enclosure when the water is on and the door is open. Measurements: To avoid inaccurate measurements and delays in the installation process, schedule an appointment with our team for an expert measurement. Our glass experts will then be able to give you a correct cost for materials and installation. Ventilation: Without proper ventilation, moisture will build up, paint can peel and mold may grow, especially on a sheetrock ceiling. Our specialists will perform a ventilation evaluation. If you are [...]Read more
March 3, 2021

Office Partitions

What exactly are office partitions? Design bespoke glass partitions with the Glass Design of Miami team, measuring your office space and designing a location for your employees to work separately and as a team. Wall partitions are a great way to create zones within your office, whether that be separate office locations or a meeting room. Glass partitions allow you to create these zones while maintaining a transparent working environment and a spacious office. Rather than making the room feel cluttered and claustrophobic, glass partitions open up space and make it feel bigger and brighter, allowing natural light to entre all aspects of the office. We offer customizable glass office partitions for your office, allowing you to create a stylish conference room without compromising elegance and style. Nowadays, business leaders, doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs and staff are searching for something different yet alluring for the entrance to their glass cubicles and conference rooms to set them apart from the rest. We offer stunning glass cubicles and partitions in a variety of glass type, frame colors and size. Our glass doors can be ordered in a frosted, black, clear, milky glass to promote natural lighting, privacy and a way to put your office a step above the competition. Glass Office Partitions L-Shape Office Partitions Conference Rooms Glass Cubicles Office room dividers come with a host of benefits due to the high-quality and bespoke design of the glass and materials used. When designing your dividers, the MonoFix team will visit your office to design a layout for your partitions and take measurements ready to produce your bespoke dividers. Your partitions will then be made to measure ready for installation, which will be arranged at a time and date that best fits with you. The MonoFix team will fully manage your project, ensuring that every partition is of high quality and installed to our high level of standards. Some great office partitionsRead more
April 21, 2019

Glass Railing

What exactly are glass railings? Glass railings typically utilize tempered glass. The tempering process adds structural rigidity and prevents against cracking and damage. Many modern home builders turn to glass railings for their customizable elegant design potential and low maintenance. Glass railings are the future of railing systems with their sleek design, low required maintenance, and great customization potential. Staircases, decks, walkways, and pools are all great places to utilize glass railings. Not only are glass railing systems versatile and aesthetic, they are also a practical design solution. Glass railings are uniquely beautiful architectural features and are suitable for use in a diverse range of applications. We recognize three different categories of glass hand rail based on the different attachment methods and corresponding appearance of the associated components. The three categories of glass hand rail include the following Standoff mounted glass railing Heavy base shoe mounted glass railing Post mounted glass railing Regardless of the glass railing type, the handrail must be attached to considerably strong substrate structure. Ideally you reach out to us before building the sub-structure so that we have a chance to verify that it will adequately transfer the required forces. If the structure is not adequate to carry the code-prescribed loads, it will need to be modified or enhanced before glass railing can be installed. In addition, when you do reach out to us in the design stage we can help you to design for value. Some great railing glass designsRead more