We began in Miami, USA, in 2003, specializing in the design and manufacture of frameless shower doors, railings and mirrors.

Two years later we upgraded our technology in order to improve our quality process and enhance the customer’s experience as well as expand our product offerings. Today we offer laminating services as well as all types of custom-made glass and mirror for multiple industries including commercial, pleasure craft, auto and furniture.  We also pack and export to the Caribbean islands. In 2021 at the request of our clients we started offering installation services and today we offer and end to end design manufacturing and installation service with 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed. We have a dedicated team of professional installers ready to service you. Today we also offer architectural glass design by artist Jorge Arza from Arza Studio.

We at Glass Design of Miami have always looked for growth opportunities and how to better serve our clients. With our original goal of bringing exceptional value and service to our customers has allowed Glass design of Miami to succeed Industry.

For over 15 years, we have provided the South Florida market with the products and service that is expected of a market leader. While competitors come and go, you can always count on our experience, quality and fast turnaround to help you achieve your goals.


Tempered glass is made by uniformly heating a piece of regular annealed glass to a temperature of up to 1200°F and immediately cooling it.

The clean piece of glass the furnace where it is heated evenly for a predetermined amount of time based on the glass thickness and other factors. At the end of the heating cycle, this super-heated glass enters the cooling chamber.


Drilling a hole in sheet glass can be done if the correct type drill bit and glass is selected. Carbide bits have a spade shaped point, and are made to withstand the friction of drilling in glass. (Please note that multiple sites on the net recommend round-head diamond bits for holes up to 1/2″, and hollow-core diamond bits above 1/2″. Diamond bits will drill many holes with one bit and rarely cause breakage if properly used. Carbide bits can generally only drill one hole.


Is used to process different edge works on round, oval or shape glass. When using cup wheels, it bevels. When using peripheral or profile wheels, it can process flat & arris, pencil, Ogee and waterfall, etc.